5-Tip Friday: Know if your email is hacked, video email, level apps and more

April 21, 2017 Jason Polancich

In this week's installment, we're sending you 5 things that help you stay safe, connect with customers and each other, hang a picture and more things you can use whether you're a home buyer, FSBO seller or real estate agent.

  1. haveibeenpwned - People involved in real estate transactions are now top targets for cyber criminals. With all the huge data breaches of the last few years at dozens of big chains and the weekly hits at hundreds of brokerages, check https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see if your email has already been compromised.
  2. Hushmail - Piggybacking off the above, when I start a real estate transaction I set up a new, secure email address for all exchanges using https://www.hushmail.com/. Ask yourself: do you feel safe sending all your personal info over regular email? Are 5 minutes of your time worth the stolen funds, damaged credit and letting hackers into your life long-term? Realtors, great for you too. Keep a separate email to exchange data with your clients. You won't see your lawyer as much. 
  3. Bubble Level - We've been using this leveling app on our phones for a while and we think it's just swell. When you're moving into a new home, you won't believe how many times you'll use it to hang pics, mantles, and more. Plus, it's useful for checking how "off" that floor or stairs really are in that home you're looking at and love but has issues. Can even help you in price negotiations. 
  4. Slack - Realtors and their coworkers communicate a lot - when you're at the office. What about when you're out showing and need info on a listing a co-worker has? Need comps run from your office manager? Find out HOA fees? Get your office up to speed with the most effective way to communicate that's transforming businesses - and email, phone usage - around the globe: https://slack.com/ Have your office manager or assistant create a free brokerage account, then invite all the agents to participate. Install the app on your phone and see who's online at any time, ask questions, get instant answers. We've been using it for years. Share photos, videos, and plug in 1000s of helpful add-ons. Plus, it keeps a well-organized history of all communications and it's searchable. Get hip today and be more, do more. 
  5. Start using Snapchat, Facebook Live and BombBomb - Realtors, good blogging takes a LOT of your time. And there are so, so many of them, Google has a hard time figuring out which ones are really accurate and important, so they don't love on blogs the way they used to. It's a secret few know, but your blog isn't likely to help your SEO unless you really, really, really know what you're doing - and you spend lots of time on it. Lots. In fact, to do it right, you'd almost have to quit what you love/need to do the most: working leads and working with clients. A great way to actually engage with buyers and sellers? Talk to them. Right. To. Them. Use video to own your local airspace and really connect with customers using BombBomb, Facebook Live, and Snapchat. Video is the new email. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Well, love the customers you get from it. 

Bonus Tip: Realtors, in a couple of weeks, HomePocket will launch an integration with BombBomb video email for our LeadWallet app users!

Get a lead in, check it on your phone, record a video email and hit send. We betcha your conversion rates go up. Get LeadWallet and own your zip today.


Happy buying and selling everyone! It's Friday! As always, have some fun out there.  


By the way, a shout-out to Jayson and Stephen for having us on their Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show Facebook live stream this week to chat! Good stuff. Check it out, y'all:



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Jason Polancich

Jason Polancich is a founder and lead architect of HomePocket, a data-driven, residential real estate marketing and lead generation network making big data work practically and usefully for agents. Polancich also originally created SurfWatch Labs, a cyber analytics firm founded in 2013 that provides highly accurate, timely and actionable information to businesses regarding the cybercrime threats they face. Polancich is a serial entrepreneur focused on solving complex internet commerce, data analysis, and cyber-defense problems. Novii Design, a company he co-founded in 2005 with Rebekah Lewis-Polancich, was based on his contributions to cloud architectures, distributed computing, data analysis and systems integration. The company assisted the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense in building some of the largest data warehouse and analysis systems ever put into operation within the government and defense contracting sectors. Novii Design was sold to Six3/CACI in 2010.

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