Military Members: How to Market Your FSBO for Free

September 2, 2016 Matt Williams

As former military members ourselves, we at HomePocket know how hard and costly it can be to buy and sell a home when you change duty stations. Despite some Realtors offering special commission deals, quite often it's your best value to sell your home yourself or to find your next home from a fellow service member selling their home.

After all, military members are some of the most well-organized and resourceful people around in everything they do, so home paperwork and contracts are rarely a problem. 

But, when it comes to marketing and advertising a home for sale - and finding the best places to locate FSBO homes being offered by other service members - it's often tough for service members to do effectively. Let's just say they usually have better, more important things to do.

Free FSBO and Pocket Listings for Military Members - Always!

Simply put, if you're a military member selling your own home  or a military spouse who's a Realtor selling your home, you can always post on HomePocket for free and take advantage of our powerful digital marketing and advertising system. 

Video: Why FSBO Sellers Should Use HomePocket

Our HomePocket founders spent their careers building data analytics and targeting system for the Department of Defense. Now they're using it to help home buyers and sellers connect more directly with one another on the web, mobile and social media. When you post your home on HomePocket, our system automatically markets your area to those home buyers searching digitally who are most interested in homes in your area.

That means dedicated, focused advertising that gets your home noticed.  It's not just a listing site, it's a highly-focused marketing machine. 

It sounds complicated, but, for you the home lister, it's super easy - with a big payoff. 


In fact, we'll even post it for you! Just get your photos and description together, then click here, upload and done. If you want to post on your own, you can do that too. Just click here to access our How-To page full of helpful videos.

List your home today on HomePocket and we'll get it in front of just the right web, mobile and social media buyers so you can maximize your value. We know you have much more important things to do!

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