Photos Are The Key to Getting Your FSBO or Pocket Listing Sold

September 7, 2016 Jennifer Smith

Photo Tips to Get Your Home Sold!

Whether you are listing your property with a real estate professional or selling as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), photography has a huge impact on your sale. After all, the success and value of your deal is actually determined by your ability - as novice or pro - to do effective real estate marketing. 

With over 80% of homebuyers starting their search online, the importance of your digital imagery is at an all time high. Buyers will often decide whether or not to contact you or your realtor based purely on their instant first impression of your home from pictures they see attached to your listing; most often, within a few seconds or less.

Since this one important area of your listing can either make or break your chances of a good sale, we're covering some tips for adding great photos to your posting.


If Buyers Can’t See the Home Clearly, They Move Along - In a Hurry

It may seem surprising that we need to touch on this at all, but blurry photos are commonplace for property listings on the web. Given that most of us are carrying powerful HDR phone-based cameras in our pockets at all times capable of making even the worst ad hoc photos look pretty good, there really isn’t any excuse for a blurry photo making its way to a property listing.

For many people, buying and selling real estate is the single largest investment of their lives. If you consider this could be one of the biggest transactions in your lifetime, it shouldn’t take much consideration to slow down a bit and get the clearest photos possible.

Buyers are not going to be impressed with blurry photos and will swiftly move along to other, more put-together and instantly appealing listings. It happens almost subconsciously. It doesn't even matter if your home fits every criteria they have in mind for their buy, if they can’t see it clearly they won’t stay to long enough to see the details.

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Make a Statement With Your First Photo

The first photo of your listing should be the one that showcases the best features of your property. For example, if you are waterfront, perhaps a beautiful picture of the water view from your deck will capture a buyer’s attention and motivate them to click into your slideshow to see more. In many cases, the best initial photo is of the front of your house. If you are using a curbside photo, you should think about first impressions. Pick great times of day when lighting is most flattering. Take the time to remove cars, toys, and other personal belongings from the driveway. Have the lawn mowed and weeds pulled from the flower beds. A clear, clean shot of the front of the home is more appealing to the eye than a house with four cars in the driveway and your kid's four-wheeler in the grass.


Stage the Interior for Good Clean Photos

Many sellers shy away from the idea of staging their property due to cost. Staging doesn’t always have to cost you a ton of money, though. Simply put, remove unnecessary furniture and clutter from each room in order to feature that room’s best aspect for the buyer. Removing oversized or extra furniture will help to showcase the true space of the room as opposed to making a buyer feel the room can’t accommodate their furniture. Think of this step as a "jump start" for your packing when the property sells.

Also, get lots of light into the open spaces, put some green into your shots in the form of living plants and remove as many personal items as possible. We can't tell you home many times things like trophies, taxidermy, clothing, food and other personal items make it into photos. 


Photo Orientation Matters

It is best to keep photos horizontal or landscape instead of vertical. The area shown is larger and it is more pleasing to the eye. Do not use a mix of horizontal and vertical photos as the change can cause viewer frustration and they may choose to move along instead of finish viewing the rest of the listing. For real estate, wide angle shots are the best for showing the depth and openness of your space. You don't need to hire a pro though, as many 360-degree panorama and wide-angle effect apps will give you the same effect and make your photos stand out

Learn More: Wide-Angle Effects and Panorama Apps for Your Phone Camera


Make Your Photo Gallery a Tour

How your organize your pics can also assist in catching the buyer’s attention. Assuming you follow our tips here, you should have a number of great photos to use for your property listing. One common mistake sellers make is picking their top 5-10 photos and throwing them randomly into the listing without any thought to order. It 's important to organize the photos so that it feels like a virtual tour of your home. You want the buyer to feel as if they are walking through the property as they click through your slideshow. It's useful to imagine how you would actually show them home in person to help guide your photo organization. 


Do It Right the First Time

Our recommendations require that you invest some time to get quality photos of your property, so be prepared. It's a simple fact that properties with multiple quality photos organized properly helps sell the home,

For the FSBO seller, if you don’t take the time to create the best first impression possible, your listing will be overlooked for homes listed by real estate professionals with, you guessed it, professional photos. You'll be disappointed and discouraged with the lack of interest and not even be aware of the role your poor photos played.

For the homeowner working with a real estate professional, you should make sure your agent is truly positioning your property most effectively. A realtor is really a marketing consultant who assists in getting your home sold. If your consultant feels it is okay to have their own reflection in the bathroom mirror of the photos they post for you, you might want to evaluate their services a little further to see if they are truly the best consultant for you.

Lastly, If your realtor is posting your home as a pocket listing, there are still many ways to get the most out of your shots.

Our top recommendation?

Get out your cell phone and practice taking photos of your home keeping in mind the tips we've laid out here. After a bit of practice, take some good pics, organize them well and post them where they'll get noticed by as many buyers looking in your specific area as possible.

Luckily, we can handle that part for you. And it's FREE...for a limited time only! 

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