Realtors: How to Market Your Pocket Listings

August 26, 2016 Jennifer Smith

Most good agents always have some inventory of houses "in their pocket" that their clients want them to market for possible sale - but not in MLS as "open listings."

Sounds tough to market? So why are more sellers opting for pocket listings these days? Well, in short, it give them more options:

• More privacy

Exclusivity of their target audience

More focused marketing strategies

• For testing the market (i.e. pricing and clientele)

Slow market/Low area activity

Unique home features/luxury properties

Lower hassle (i.e. controlled showings) and smoother process (i.e. appraisals,


Lower commissions

Eliminating buyer’s agents

Until now, most of these "Pocket Listings" (or "pre-listings" or "off-market listings") can only be marketed by very limited "word of mouth" networking or by blasting out highly-inaccurate social media posts no one will see in the trillions of Tweets and cat videos going out each hour. 

Now there's a better way - just use HomePocket and take advantage of a world-class digital advertising machine that gets your listings seen by those most interested in homes in your area.

Sounds easy, right? It is. 


Sign up. Post your Pocket. Or we'll do it for you free.


When you head on over to, not only can For Sale by Owner sellers post their FSBO homes, but professional Realtors can also post their existing MLS and, of course, Pocket Listings.

The benefit?

It puts your listing and your home's area into our automated marketing machine across Google, Search and Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We continuously crunch data and match those seeking homes in your area to the ads. Simple idea, hard to do. For us, not you. 

For you, it's just register, sign in, buy your listing plan and click the little "List a Home Now" button in top right corner of the website. From there, just click the orange "List Your Property" button and you're off!

Here's a video to show you how:

Like we said, easy right? Well, there are a couple of big concerns... 


Top tips to Market Pocket Listings on the web


1. Get the location right

Pocket Listings, by their nature, are not open listings. That means, among a variety of other good reasons, sellers list this way because they may not want people knowing the exact location of the home they have for sale. 

So how do you list a home for sale without giving away the address? Easy.

When you post your Pocket Listing on, just enter an address that's within 1.5 miles of your listing into the Google map address field you'll encounter during the submit process. A cross street or restaurant or park or beach or any one of a 100o other places that might be near your home and that may enhance the attraction to your property's location.

It lets you give buyers looking in a specific area enough info to determine if they're interested or not.

2. Get great area pics

To go along with not giving away the exact location of your Pocket Listing, it's always a great idea to take photos and video (just using your phone is fine!) of areas near your home that may be scenic, historic, useful or just plain nice. Restaurants, shopping, beaches, parks, trails, gyms, you name it. 

To generate interest in a listing without exact address or interior and exterior photos of the home, you must emphasize all the lifestyle qualities of your home's number one feature: its location. 

3. Be clear on areas of flexibility

Most buyers looking for Pocket Listings are also looking at them for one special reason or another. They could be all cash buyers looking for a very quick sale, have timing issues on their end that affect their purchase or maybe their looking for special terms.

Whatever it may be, it's hard to tell what special conditions a buyer has from typical real estate listing write-ups. Be clear and open about what conditions your seller has so buyers can better find ones that may match their own needs. 

4. Know when to cry "uncle!"

If you don't know marketing or real estate writing well, don't attempt to post a description yourself. Even if you're a good grammatical writer, penning a great term paper isn't qualification for "writing to sell" - especially not writing to sell on the web where SEO and other digital marketing techniques are a must.

In short, you need a professional marketer who knows how to craft a listing that will get your home noticed. It's even more important with pocket listings where your words must create an image of your home that isn't there for buyers to see. 

Luckily, we can do that for you too. Free...for a limited time only! 

List Your Home Today

or ask us to do it for you!

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